Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The UK's version of "Jersey Shore"

The cast of "The Only Way is Essex"
The "Snookie" of the show - Amy Child

So I have to let you all in on a little secret...the Jersey Shore isn't the only place that breeds over-tanned, buff-bodied, uber-entertaining 20-somethings.  Thats right, you heard me, there is a new phenomenon that hit tellies over here and it is called "The Only Way is Essex"...a docu-series that follows the real life antics of five attractive Brits as they live it up in Essex (east edge of London).  Unfortunately the show is pretty crap, as the producers tried to go for more of a scripted, "The Hills" version, instead of the gritty, raw genius that is "The Jersey Shore".  But, the show has potential, especially thanks to cast member, Amy Child, who is basically the "Snookie" of the show.  She single-handedly makes the show interesting and funny with her random comments and lack of a filter.  Maybe next season they will get it right...fingers crossed.

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