Thursday, November 4, 2010

A traditional Bailey's Coffee - Irish Style!!!

The perfect Bailey's coffee

As if I couldn't like coffee even more, I found a way to make it even tastier!!  A yummy Bailey's Coffee.  I love curling up next to the fire and sipping on one of these.  Here is a quick recipe to make a traditional Irish style Bailey's Coffee.

  • Bailey's Irish Cream 
  • Coffee, brewed or instant (we use the instant here and it tastes great!)
  • Fresh whipped cream (add a little vanilla to the heavy whipping cream when you are whipping it up

Add a shot of the Bailey's to the cup off coffee and then finish with the fresh cream.  Serve in a wine glass for an extra treat!

On a side note, they are coming out with a Hazelnut flavor of Baileys and I can't wait to sample it!  Check out the Bailey's website for more tasty recipes and fun!

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