Monday, February 28, 2011

I used my sunglasses today!!

Beautiful sunny day along the canal...

The canal runs through the middle of the city

Sometimes you can see swans in the canal...but not today :(

Now for my Cali peeps this may not seem like a big deal, but it is a small victory for this gal!  After a very long and cold winter, Spring has shown her pretty little face here in Dub and I am taking FULL ADVANTAGE...i.e. throwing my sunnies on and walking along the canal.  The weather has been gorgeous these past few days...I didn't even have to wear a coat OR scarf the other day in fact!!  I was particularly excited to use my sunglasses today since they are a new pair I scored from Penny's (European Forever 21ish shop) last week...for only (brace yourself) 1.50 euros!! Thats right, less than a bottle of diet coke.  Ci laughed at me and said I was the only person in Dublin buying sunglasses...but you gotta believe in positive thinking and putting the vibes out there.  AND it worked!! Cause a week later and I am rockin' shades baby.  Here is a cute pick of my shades below.  Happy Sunny Day. xoxo

My chic sunnies...I heart Penny's!

Friday, February 25, 2011

DUBLIN TOWN -- Oh, how I love thee...

Cool night shot of the Dublin Docklands...right by our house and our local shop
The River Liffey, Dublin Convention Center and Samuel Beckett Bridge!!
Hi Guys!!!  Ok, so so so sorry that I haven't been keeping up on my bloggin'.  But I am back now and I am going to be bringing you all my adventures from Dub (that's Dublin for those of you who don't know..hehe)!!  That's right, Ci and I have made the move to Dublin and I am loving every single second of it!  I have never lived in a real city before (LA doesn't really count, since it is so spread out).  The city centre, i.e. Grafton Street, St. Stephen's Green, etc, is only about a 15 min walk away, and anything further is just a short double decker bus or train ride away.  So stay tuned....Cheers from Dublin Town!