Monday, February 28, 2011

I used my sunglasses today!!

Beautiful sunny day along the canal...

The canal runs through the middle of the city

Sometimes you can see swans in the canal...but not today :(

Now for my Cali peeps this may not seem like a big deal, but it is a small victory for this gal!  After a very long and cold winter, Spring has shown her pretty little face here in Dub and I am taking FULL ADVANTAGE...i.e. throwing my sunnies on and walking along the canal.  The weather has been gorgeous these past few days...I didn't even have to wear a coat OR scarf the other day in fact!!  I was particularly excited to use my sunglasses today since they are a new pair I scored from Penny's (European Forever 21ish shop) last week...for only (brace yourself) 1.50 euros!! Thats right, less than a bottle of diet coke.  Ci laughed at me and said I was the only person in Dublin buying sunglasses...but you gotta believe in positive thinking and putting the vibes out there.  AND it worked!! Cause a week later and I am rockin' shades baby.  Here is a cute pick of my shades below.  Happy Sunny Day. xoxo

My chic sunnies...I heart Penny's!

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